PATH's Mission Statement

The primary mission of The PATH Foundation (“PATH”) is to establish, create and/or steward opportunities for disadvantaged families and individuals, particularly the youth, with an emphasis on “outdoor heritage” and through such opportunities to encourage and develop the promotion, education and/or preservation of the same. PATH also strives to assist handicapped children and adults, as well as disabled military veterans, who would like to go hunting or fishing but do not have the required equipment or access to the outdoors. The organization accomplishes this goal by providing free fishing and hunting opportunities to disadvantaged families and individuals in addition to other charitable activities that will promote, educate and/or preserve the outdoor heritage.

The following are several examples of how PATH has fulfilled its mission:
• Distributed 250 reels (and some rods) to kids in need
• Sponsored the Lake Leelanau Kids Fishing Derby
• Sponsored 2 archery programs in local schools
• Purchased 12 bows, 9 shotguns and 3 rifles for kids
• Sponsored 2 high school skeet teams
• Took 4 kids and 1 adult on their first turkey hunt
• Facilitated 2 children with Michigan elk tags and hunts
• Took 15 kids on their first fishing trip
• Took 23 kids on their first deer hunt
• Took 8 kids on their first waterfowl hunt
• Donated funds for materials for M.U.C.C. youth camps
• Sponsored Kicking Bear Kid's Camp